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LogosPraxis is a Mind/Body/Spirit-based enterprise, established to provide clarity and guidance required at times such as these. Post-2020, we are experiencing fatigue, stress, confusion, lack of direction, fear and hopelessness. The Founder of LogosPraxis, Mary Jo Bull, growing out of her own journey over 20 years, is passionate about helping others to identify practical tools and resources, to transcend those conditions going forward, to reduce stress, regain a sense of control, and improve quality of life. MJ says, "I founded this enterprise to assist others to do for themselves what I have done for myself over 20 years (in considerably less time). I have followed the bread crumbs to gain wisdom (Logos), and I've practiced that wisdom (Praxis) to see results in my own life. I continue to do my own inner work. I have an insatiable curiosity about what it means to be a Human Being, and research and study give me life. My heart-felt passion is assisting my community to know and empower themselves."
Starting now, you can build a solid foundation for your life, based on a wholistic understanding that goes a step beyond inherited beliefs and traditions. 

Some clients have experienced miraculous turnarounds with 24 hours of a session, through their recognition of a previously hidden belief, identification of limiting thoughts and shifting how they perceive themselves and the world around them.


When You Master Your Self, You Overcome The World

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"The gift Mary Jo brings to her teaching is her ability to simplify and ground spiritual truths in a way that enables you to easily understand and integrate them into your life."

Susan, OR

"Thanks to Mary Jo, I feel more compassion for myself and more gratitude for the little joys in my life -- and a peace in my heart I never dreamed was possible."

Kris, TX

"Her desire to help others with her compassion and sincerity is evident. As we are spiritual beings having a physical, human experience, she guides us to remember who we really are."

Gloria, OK

"During our conversations, I am always amazed at the way she draws from multiple areas of information, like traditional and esoteric scripture, Universal laws, science, and metaphysics (and common sense!) while suggesting ways to apply it to help me gain clarity on a resolution to any problem."

Jennifer, Washington, DC