Awaiting or Creating?

When my daughter was very young, I was a single mother. I distinctly remember commuting one evening, thinking about all the things I had to worry about. My mind was in a dark place and I believed then that there was no place for fun or play-- I had to be serious. A thought flitted quickly through my mind, "I have no use for fun or play--I'm shutting down my imagination."

As if I could...

As little children, we use our imagination all the time. We create worlds and stories; we see ourselves as super heroes and princesses. We daydream about playing outdoors when sitting in classrooms; we think about living in foreign lands and castle towers.

Most of us get the message pretty early in life that there is no place for daydreaming or imagination in the "adult" world. Over time, we stop looking at what excites us, what feels fun and happy and possible. We subscribe to the widely-promulgated idea that life is meant to be hard, to be a struggle, to be endured.

What if there were another option? What if we could change direction and begin to use our imagination the way it is intended? We are intentional beings. We are created with intention and that intention is part of who we are. We are created in the image of our creator. Image. Imag-ination.

Creation is in us. Creation is us.

More to come, I'll leave this here for now. Ponder, consider. Talk amongst yourselves :)

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