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On this Good Friday, I am reminded of what the Scriptures tell us about the moment that Jesus of Nazareth, The Christ, died on the cross. Scriptures tell us the earth rumbled and the sky darkened. Recently, I came across more information about the meteorological events at that moment in time. ”An enormous earthquake occurred at this hour in Nicaea. In the fourth year of the 202nd Olympiad [April 3, 33 A.D.], Phlegon [a secular Greek historian] wrote that ‘a great darkness’ occurred all over Europe which was inexplicable to the astronomers. The records of Rome, according to Tertulhan, made note of a complete and universal darkness which frightened the Senate, then meeting, and threw the city into an anxious turmoil, for there was no storm and no clouds. The records of Grecian and Egyptian astronomers show that this darkness was so intense for a while that even they, skeptical men of science, that even they were alarmed …. people streamed in panic through the streets of every city… but there is no note of an eclipse; no eclipse was expected. It was as if the sun had retreated through space and had been lost. Mayan and Inca records also show this phenomenon, allowing for the difference in time.“


Why is this of primary significance, to me? When an event such as Golgotha, which is recounted in multiple gospels, due to the 2000 year time span between the year 33 A.D. and now, 2022 A.D., there may be a tendency to relegate such events to mythos. Meteorological events such as these anchor this most significant and incredible event in human history and in the collective consciousness. It makes it real and relevant and worth examining more closely.

The story of The Christ can be seen by some as being lost to time, and therefore perceived as one would perceive a fairy tale. Personally, individually, I have been studying and researching more deeply and broadly to make Christ real in my mind and in my consciousness, not to garner favor with a higher power or so that I can be part of “the club,“ but because when I perceive the realness of these events, then I can actualize the Resurrection and that impacts how I show up in the world. Without the Resurrection, without the understanding that this was an historical event — hundreds of people saw and encountered the risen Christ, for 40 days after the resurrection and before His ascension — the story of Christianity (originally referred to as “The Way,” before this religious title became common) is just that, a story.

Today I acknowledge that it is so much more.

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