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Opportunity emerges from chaos.

In times of uncertainty, guidance is available to assist in sorting through the chaos, to change perception, reach clarity and identify innate wisdom. Solutions emerge through changes in perception. 

Coaching and Mentoring are confidential relationships between one who is seeking to understand and improve their life, and one who is willing to share the experience, wisdom and guidance they have personalized along the path. These relationships require mutual commitment to transparency, "digging deep," vulnerability and active listening.



How does coaching differ from mentoring?


Coaches work with clients on a specific goal or goals. Typically, a coaching relationship lasts between 3 months and 6 months. Coaching appointments can be scheduled according to the clients's needs:

  • Weekly, if there is a specific goal within a defined timeline

  • Monthly, if the goal is broader and less time-sensitive

  • Follow ups may be necessary in the short-term

  • Coaching has a "shelf life," while mentoring can last much longer


What can I expect from my coaching sessions?

When you invest in coaching, you can expect to receive insights in real-time, through engaged conversation and active listening. Typically, this is information you can integrate into your daily experience to initiate change and improve your life right away.  You can also expect:   

  • Homework to be done independently between sessions

  • Book, movie or writing assignment

  • Other resource recommendations

  • Hourly sessions can be scheduled week by week at $225 per session, or a package of four sessions over a 4 to 6 week period for $700 ($175 per session).



What can I expect with my mentorship engagement?


Mentorship is driven by the mentee's desire for personal learning and growth. This involves:

  • self-directed self-study as well as sessions with MJ

  • emotional support, guidance and experienced-based counsel with MJ throughout the journey

  • book, movie or writing assignments as needed

  • other resource recommendations

What can I expect as I work with a mentor?

When you invest in mentorship, you can expect to receive insights in real-time through engaged conversation and active listening. Typically, this is information you can integrate into your daily experience, to initiate change in improve your life immediately. Mentee will:

  • initiate outreach with mentor

  • expect to schedule a session within 72 hours of making contact

  • schedule regular appointments if preferred

Mentorship implies a different tone to the mentor/mentee interaction, so session and fee schedule will be discussed at initial complimentary consultation.

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