"Mary Jo has been so instrumental in my ability to really tap into the Universe and be truly present. Our conversations have helped guide me in my meditations, and because of her guidance, amazing things have come to pass. A few days after one of our recent conversations, I won a major contract for work which helped alleviate some major financial issues I was having. Just simple guidance and shifts in the way you ask and pray for things makes a huge difference. Her wisdom and counsel have been so helpful to me over the years and I truly appreciate her presence in this world!"

Amy, VA

"Mary Jo has much to share and teach through her own experiences with this material. She is patient in helping others understand what initially feels foreign to all that we have been taught, and truly interested in helping others. Resonant with the saying, 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears,' I am grateful to have reconnected with Mary Jo and do not consider it a coincidence."

Lisa, MD

"I grew up with the belief that my self-worth was only as good as what other people thought of me. Mary Jo has helped me see how that belief has set me up for fear and failure in my life. With her help, I've have accepted that I cannot control what others think of me. I can, however, control how I react to other people and situations. More importantly, I am learning to control what I think of myself. Thanks to Mary Jo, I feel more compassion for myself and more gratitude for the little joys in my life -- and a peace in my heart I never dreamed was possible."

Kris, TX

"I have been a receptive listener since around 2010. Mary Jo's openness about her own life, explained in ways that are relevant as well as relatable, have so often spoken to my soul. She has contributed to my spiritual growth in helping me see things in a different way. Her desire to help others with her compassion and sincerity is evident. As we are spiritual beings having a physical, human experience, she guides us to remember who we really are."

Gloria, OK

"The gift Mary Jo brings to her teaching is her ability to simplify and ground spiritual truths in a way that enables you to easily understand and integrate them into your life.  Mary Jo is a natural story teller and you'll find her entertaining sense of humor makes her a joy to learn from. Compassionate, patient and to the point, she is a woman who walks her talk and speaks her truth. I've watched her do it for more than 20 years."

Susan, OR

"I have known Mary Jo for 10+ years, both personally and professionally, and every time I speak with her about my life I feel as though I am allowing myself to being open to receiving God’s message. During our conversations, I am always amazed at the way she draws from multiple areas of information, like traditional and esoteric scripture, Universal laws, science, and metaphysics (and common sense!) while suggesting ways to apply it to help me gain clarity on a resolution to any problem. Over the last decade I have participated in several of Mary Jo’s weekly podcasts as well as her meetup groups. I always enjoy hearing her speak about various scriptures and specifically how they can apply to my life.  Any time I feel as though I have lost my way, I have always been able to count on her to help bring me back to center and to regain my focus of who I really am. I have only had a few close friends all my life, and I’ve taken advice from all of them.  However, after my conversations with Mary Jo, I realize it’s really about the way you are able to receive God’s message, and Mary Jo always finds a way for me to hear what Spirit is trying to tell me."  

Jennifer, Washington, DC